SEO for Writers - There are always 2 Audiences

2 Audiences for SEO

There are 2 audiences for SEO writing: Humans and Search Robots

2 Goals

  • Humans want to know how you will help them become a “better version of themselves.” The actual nuts and bolts of the product or service you are selling are important, but helping the searcher on their journey is the thread connecting it all.

  • Search Robots “want” to provide Humans pertinent information. Robots decide what to show, so the writing must convince the Robot that the website is an authority on a topic.

Topic-aware SEO

Each business has a long history of speaking to their customers and getting matched by robots on keywords. The Search Robots have a vast knowledge of what your company’s topics are.

All SEO writing should seek to awaken these patterns in the Robots “knowledge graph” by widening the language into related words and exploring details related to the topics. SEO should feed and entertain the Search Robot. At the same time, the topic should tell the searcher’s story.

Activate the Knowledge Graph

In broad strokes the writing should try to “activate the knowledge graph” of the search robots. This can be done with several techniques: describe the offering with rich, layered vocabulary, use synonyms and related technical terms. You can bring in biographical information about famous people who are involved in or related to the same offering. Most importantly, SEO writing should tell stories! Don’t forget about the human who will decide to engage with your company.

For instance, are you writing about acrylic painting lessons at an art school? Definitely cover the class information and write about what the class offers. In addition, to establish authority and evoke the knowledge graph, use synonyms for “lessons,” delve lightly into technical terms related to acrylic painting, and mention famous artists names who used acrylics. But, most of all, tell stories about how the student will grow by taking classes at the art school.

Location-aware SEO

Local SEO emphasizes location names and behavior (near me).

If your business is local; people have to be there in-person to participate.

Robots match a searcher to a location so SEO supports this with local keywords that describe the location and the places nearby.

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Best Tool for a Project

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