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Daniel Cummings, Principal

Web Development, SEO, Marketing

Web Development, SEO Strategy/Execution, Digital Marketing.

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Optimal ecommerce and marketing.

A website is a living, changing connection to your customers and clients. Your marketing can't thrive with a "set it and forget it" plan. It has to grow your business.

We create your ideal marketing platform for growth: strategic choices, specific to you, crafted from experience (and not a little bit of tech wizardry).

Communication ​- a shared project board and live data dashboard for real-time analysis of the project and Key Metrics.

Speed​ - The first 10-20 days are critical - get started rapidly and right.

Owner attitude​ - New and vital opportunities​ will be discovered, communicated, scheduled, and implemented without lengthy approval processes.

DC Digital is your partner - when your business grows, we both succeed! Contact me and let's get started.

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